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buy discount C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Semi automatic C purlin roll forming machine
Main technical parameters
Passive discharging: manual tightening, passive discharging
Loading rack load: 3T
Frame: 350H steel welding
Forming machine guide feeding rack form: lateral roller type
Forming machine form: wall plate chain drive
Wallboard thickness: 20mm
Roller form: adopts two side rollers split type
Specification adjustment method: manual adjustment
Shaft diameter: 锟?0銕?/p>
Chain: 2 inch single row
Motor power of forming machine: 11kw (gear reducer)
Linear speed of forming machine: 10m/min
Number of molding machine lanes: 12 lanes; 9 lane correction rollers are not included.
Roll material: bearing steel
Hydraulic station motor: 7.5kw
Hydraulic station oil pump: gear pump
Cutting method: hydraulic shear
Material of forming scissors: Cr12, quenched
Shear blade heat treatment: HRC58掳-60掳
Rolling thickness: 1.5-3.0mm
Rolling material: cold plate, hot rolled plate
Degree of sizing accuracy: 卤2mm
The computer uses PLC, Panasonic
Using computer operation panel
Equipment size 9200x925x1200 (mm)
Motor voltage: 380V/50HZ/3 phase electricity
Main structure and characteristics
The forming machine is a single roll forming unit with a set of rolls that can produce finished products of various specifications. The machine is mainly composed of a passive uncoiler, guided feeding, forming host, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet, finished product bracket, etc Partial composition.
Process flow
Manual tensioning and passive unwinding鈫抔uided feeding鈫抮olling forming鈫抐ixed-length cutting鈫抐eeding out the board
Equipment configuration
Passive discharge rack (3T), forming host, hydraulic forming shear, hydraulic station, PLC computer control cabinet, discharge rack (4 sets of molds)
1: Guaranteed against malfunctions due to manufacturing defects for 1.5 years after date of purchase. Repairs will be made free of charge.
2: Reparis will not be performed free of change even during the guarantee period in the follow circumstances
- Damage occurs due to a natural disaster
- Malfunction occurs due to user error
- Malfunction occurs due to modifications
- Malfunction occurs due to further movement or shipment after installation
1 technician for 7 working days from seller to buyer鈥檚 side for the instruction of installation and commissioning as well training. An English-Chinese interpreter will be send by seller in case of the buyer asks. All the expenses of them including local transportation, food, laundry and accommodation in buyer鈥檚 country and international tickets will be on the buyer side. The hotel shall be equivalent or better than the level of a Chinese 3 star hotel. The buyer shall provide each person USD 100 per day as pocket money.
Machine Loading
The machine will be packaged with plastic film before shipping to prevent scratches. For the key components of the electric control box, wooden boxes will be used for packaging. After the machine is loaded into the container, our workers will conduct a comprehensive reinforcement process.buy discount C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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